Aww Jeeze!

And just when I think I have averted sudden disaster–my head will not explode but remain attached for another day . . . then I remember I have to go on tv tomorrow morning . . . Oh man! Now I’ve got all this other stuff to think about. What should I wear? What time do I have to leave? How much make-up do I need so I don’t look washed out and super pale? And what the frig should I talk about anyway? Should I print off some notes? I probably won’t be able to reference them. And what about my hair? Thank God I never get to see these pieces. I’d be a real wreck.

Leonard tix go on sale tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be back in time. With any luck my excursion will happen pre-snow/ice pellets.

The reason I couldn’t open iTunes this morning, I think was because my hard drive was full. I deleted some programs and movies and stuff and got a gig back then iTunes opened fine. I need to clean up pix in the bnm files, i think. i have a crap load of music too, but the pix are backed up on the server anyway, so i don’t think i need them anyway. Well, at least the ones that we’ve already pubbed. And I don’t really want to burn all the tunes to disc, that’s just so limiting in the randomness factor.

Mood: nervous
Drinking: water
Listening To: school, supertramp
Hair: seriously messed from my fingers pulling at the roots

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