The Day the Music Died

I cannot get iTunes to open. I don’t know what’s up with that.

This computer is a little slower than the last one. It seems to have lots of RAM. I mean I can play music, open 30+ tabs in Firefox including Facebook and Perez Hilton’s site, work on the production or BnM websites in IE, receive and respond to email in Outlook, edit multiple documents in Word, size pics in PhotoShop, chat on both MSN and Skype, download from Limewire, upload to the server with Filezilla, and do a full virus scan, all at the same time. So yeah, I’ve got RAM or I’d be frozen solid.

This PC is just a little slow, things take more time to open, it takes a lot longer to reboot. Slow yet steady, it seems pretty stable, seldom freezes. And yet today I cannot get iTunes to open. I’ll have to reboot and see if that helps the situation. Because I cannot function, cannot work, cannot edit or write or smile or even think straight if there is no music.

I’ve plugged myself into the mp3 player in the meantime, but I don’t particularly enjoy blocking out all other sound. I can’t hear the doorbell. I can’t hear the phone. I can’t hear anything right now, just Billy Joel telling me what I already knew . . . that I may be right, he may be crazy, but it just might be a lunatic I’m looking for. And even worse than me not being able to hear anything beyond Billy is the fact that I cannot hear myself singing with Billy . . . I can’t hear myself, but the neighbours . . . well, one can only hope they’ve all gone out.

And as if all this was not disturbing enough, there is the dance factor. With the music deafening in my ears, it’s impossible to sit still. I bob and weave, hips gyrate, arms in the air, close my eyes and before I know it a half hour has gone by and all I’ve done is danced my way round and round the living room lost in a dream with Def Leppard.

I just cannot work under these conditions! I need to fix iTunes asap!

Mood: playful
Drinking: black coffee
Listening To: search and destroy, iggy pop
Hair: hair news coming soon

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