Everybody’s Broken

I am awaiting a sunrise on a cloudy day. I went to bed late and got up early. That’s what happens when you’re excited about your life. The trick to getting up early is to be excited about the day, you know like when you were a kid and you would get up in the wee hours on Christmas morning. Nothing could keep you in bed then. Yes, we should be THAT excited about life, just everyday general life. I am!

Leonard Cohen is also playing in Moncton I read in this morning’s paper. Love Moncton! Would sooner go there maybe, rather than Fredericton. I’m thinking pretty hard on Toronto too. THAT would be freaking awesome on top of awesome! I’m still mulling. Decisions will be made by tomorrow. Toronto is totally doable if I skip Frye Fest this year, save that week’s hotel living expenses. The cogs in my brain are spinning as I wrap my head around the possibilities.

Busy week this week. My list runneth over. Am taping a tv program later this week . . . I so dislike being on tv. Radio is fine, but tv . . . sheesh! Thank God I never actually get to see myself because I don’t have cable. I’m being told that very soon everything’s going high-def digital and my rabbit ears won’t work anymore. I’ll have to get cable then if I want to keep up with Coronation Street. I’ll also have to get a high definition television. I don’t know that I’ll actually do all that. I may just give it up all together once and for all.

Mood: excited & excitable
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: ziggy stardust, david bowie
Hair: messed

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