A Rush of Blood to the Head

Yesterday I went to Chatham for the regular BnM Production meeting. It was good. I daresay I have not seen hide nor hair of the mighty crew since last month’s meeting. I am so lucky to work with really great people. Honestly, there’s not a bad apple in the bunch. We laughed until we cried, threw beer over each other, shared food, argued a bit, and got a lot accomplished. It’s like an injection of positive energy into my veins, spending time with them.

Went grocery shopping after and bought some lasagna fixings. I’ve never made one before. I’m not going the traditional route, doing something with spinach, ricotta, maybe some eggplant, and who knows what all will get tossed into the mix.

Then I came home and exercised while I watched my new Bon Jovi dvds. F-U-N! If I want to motivate myself, I should totally watch my Bon Jovi dvds all the freaking time. A little Jon Bon makes it all so much more exciting.

It is the last day, Day 7, of my one week wellness contract with my buddy. And I did it! I did everything! Well, you know, unless I totally screw it up today. Tomorrow I make a new deal, up the ante on a few things. I’ll be taking my steps from 5000 to 7500 for one thing, which is not easy to get if you don’t go out and try to get them, so I suspect I’ll be taking to the streets with the mp3 player. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate.

Mood: good
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: carry on my wayward son, boston
Hair: longish

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