I am so sore in through my sides and legs. It’s from exercising on Monday. I always get sore the second day after, then I do it again and it goes away. So I guess I need to do some exercise today.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Just me and another lady at my meeting, but we pushed through. Surprise doorbell ringer around 3:30 brought a huge smile to my face. I got in my steps, stayed within my calorie range, wrote, read, and all is well.

At 4am this morning I had one of those experiences with the man whispering my name against my ear. I jumped nearly clear of the bed. Talk about heart palpitations. This ghost of mine hasn’t been around in a good long while. I mean a really long time. I can’t say I’m surprised to see (I guess hear would be the better word) him again. The good thing was that after the initial fright which lasted all of about 6 seconds, I just muttered, “go away” and rolled over and went right back to sleep. Completely at ease. He’ll have to up the ante if he hopes to faze me.

So I’m working on this new story, I’m hoping to have some parts up to snuff for WFNB reading in a few weeks. I am just so excited about life right now. It’s hard to go to the dark side and dig up crap to put into stories. Maybe I should be working on a romantic comedy or something. I don’t know. I’ve got three different things on the go and I waffle, writing wherever the mood strikes. I’m not sure this is a good thing. But maybe this is what I need to do and a front-runner will emerge, then I can commit myself. Maybe? At least I’m writing again. At least words are coming. I’m very thankful.

Lots on the do today! We’re approaching BnM deadline. Let the insanity begin!

Mood: a little breathless with excitement
Drinking: coffee, black
Listening To: right here waiting, richard marx
Hair: getting fluffier

3 thoughts on “Falling

Add yours

  1. A good visit with a razor before WFNB weekend will do wonders for the hair!
    Want to bottle some of your positive moods and mail them to me?


  2. Surely you are not suggesting I go all razor-happy again?

    We’re working on a recipe for a little l’eau de kel . . . coming 2010, major department stores only . . . 🙂


  3. Professionally razored! No more do-it-yourself projects!!

    I will purchase the first case. Suffering from MAJOR winter blahs 😦


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