The Elephant in the Room

Feeling calm today. Calm is good. Especially since yesterday I was all over the place emotionally, which is apparently normal, but nevertheless thank God for Sundays I say! I had a terrible time getting to sleep last night listening to the wind howl and the rain lash against my windows. But I got through it eventually, and got enough sleep that I woke up early to watch a week’s worth of Corrie. Playing catch up with the show. Hadn’t seen any episodes this week. Nothing like lazing around bed all Sunday morning with the gang from the street. I didn’t even get up for coffee or anything until the show ended. God, I needed that! I feel like I’ll be okay today. Today I will not be crazy.

Just sent my Wellness Buddy my commitment for this week. It’s not overly ambitious, totally doable, and will definitely make a difference for me. I’ve been falling backward rapidly, doing the whole not eating thing, not walking, just not, not, not, and this will put a stop to that.

So here is my commitment for this week March 9-15:

  1. I will eat breakfast everyday.
  2. I will consume 1200-1550 calories per day. (I’ll track numbers.)
  3. I will walk at least 5000 steps everyday.
  4. I will strength exercise for at least 10 minutes on at least 3 different days this week.
  5. I will write at least 10 words on my play or other personal creative writing everyday.
  6. I will read at least one page out of a book for pleasure everyday.

I know! How easy is that? Piece of cake, right? But I’ve been so far away from any of this that it will be a good way to help me get back onto the road to wellness I think.

Off-topic: How much do I love Enrique Iglesias?! “You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape my love . . .” Couldn’t you just eat him up?

Moving on . . . my living room is littered with empty boxes and stacks of books. I’ve got two rows of shelves filled on each bookcase. I’m kind of excited. At first it looked impossible that all the books would fit, but now, it’s starting to look like I’ll have lots of room. It’s kind of slow going though, because of course I’m a freak when it comes to putting them in. You cannot have Anne Rice and Clive Barker beside Alice Munro and Margaret Atwood. That is just wrong on so many levels. I should probably just put them in any old way and then spend some time rearranging once I can see everything all at the same time. The big task today is to get them all in and then get rid of all the cardboard. That could be tricky.

Mood: cheerful, calm and content
Drinking: coffee, black, but had oj with breakfast
Listening To: today is the greatest day, smashing pumpkins
Hair: kind of missing the days of pony tails today for some reason, maybe i’ll grow it out again

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