Come Dancing

A little Kinks to get me revved up for the day.

I’m spiraling downhill on the wellness circuit. Not getting enough steps. Not sleeping. Not eating enough food to keep a bird alive. Drinking way too much coffee. My wellness buddy has also fallen off track, we’ve collectively lost sight of our goals. So we’re trying something different to help us regain our focus.

This week we’re making a plan, sharing it with each other, and holding each other accountable. We’ve made a pact to take it one week at a time for three weeks. At the end of the three weeks if we’ve achieved our goal, then we’re going to spend an old-fashioned Saturday together, like we used to do, but have gotten away from lately. A real treat! We’re going to go to the Farmer’s Market in Chatham, go to O’Donaghue’s for a meal, spend the day shopping, etc. We’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now, so it’s a good reward I think. If either one of us screws up, we ruin it for the other one. Screw up equals cancelled day. So, hopefully this will get us back on track.

It’s supposed to storm today. I was thinking maybe I’d go pick up a few groceries before it begins. Maybe I can get motivated to do that soon, cuz the cupboard is getting seriously bare, especially in the protein department. I also want to do some major clean-up around here. Dust bunnies abound! And I want to write today. I mean really write. For me. The play or the story or something personal and real. I’ve started journalling long-hand again, which is a help. Something about putting pen to paper that gets my motor running. I also want to work for a few hours, get some stuff done. Lots needing doing. And perhaps most important of all, I want to fill my bookcase with my poor boxed books! Yes, the bookcase has been assembled! Finally! I’m so excited!

Yesterday, J&J brought the kids by for a March Break visit. Of course Jules brought me a lovely gift. Cookies and Rockets and everything! We read our tarot cards. First I did all the kids, then they each took a turn doing mine. I never look at the book to know what the cards are really saying, and I can’t really remember because it’s been so long since I was into it seriously, so we just go by the pictures. It’s so much fun! Samuel was enthralled by all his money pentacles. The best telling of mine had to be from Abby though, when she said I got some money and then in the next breath very matter of fact continued that then the man sneaked away with it in the night. It was a good day. A good week really.

Mood: content
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: wish you were here, pink floyd
Hair: unkempt

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