Heart of Glass

Have you heard The Puppini Sisters yet? Sitting here listening to them do Blondie and it’s freaking awesome. Love them! So many interesting fun artists popping up in the UK lately.

Damn! I just spilled coffee everywhere!

I couldn’t sleep last night. Not even a little bit. I’m in a bout of insomnia or something. It’s not good. A few days now of odd sleep patterns. I even took a bubble bath by candlelight with a glass of wine and a book. It was relaxing for sure, took at least one of the knots out of my back. Made quite the mess though, wax somehow got everywhere. One of the candles was possessed, burned a huge blaze, burned down to nothing in a matter of minutes. Anyway, I had gone into the boxes of books (yes, yes, I’m still waiting for someone to take pity on me and assemble my bookcase, the box was opened at least and a mental note made about a Phillips screwdriver, so I’m hopeful it’ll happen soon)

So I had gone into the boxes of books to find something easy and fun and light that I had yet to read, but of course I don’t really have stuff like that, so instead I spied a local book written by a former correctional officer, a work of fiction based on actual events, names changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. I had forgotten I had this book, T was going to toss it years ago and I took it instead, but never read it before.

So of course, off I went to my relaxing bath with my prison book. I know, I know, BIG mistake! Curiosity kills the cat every time. I ended up reading the whole thing, cover to cover, in one sitting, (it wasn’t very thick) and then being unable to sleep. The few times I kind of drifted I dreamed unpleasant prison dreams. It should be required reading for anyone living around here.

But enough about that, I’m better today. Tonight I’ll read something less close to home.

Mood: a little fogged in
Drinking: coffee, instant, cuz it’s quick
Listening To: promiscuous girl, nelly furtado
Hair: needing something

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