Just Another Manic Monday

Yes, I’m manic again. Mind racing. Heart palpitating. I’m convinced it’s sunshine that does this to me. And after a weekend of feeling poorly, drowning in snow, who wouldn’t get a little manic when the sun shows itself briefly? I don’t mind the mania, I’m certainly not complaining. I needed a good manic day. I have too much to do to just plod along systematically and expect it to all fall into place eventually. I know, I know, everyone has too much to do, I’m not alone. But somehow it feels like my too much is less diverse than other people’s crazy juggling. And I wonder how I’m ever supposed to add anything else in, anything outside the realms of words, cooking and cleaning? Where do I put a significant other? An active lifestyle? Travel? Vacation time? Hobbies? How does it all come together into one manageable juggling act? I haven’t figured it out yet. Maybe I’m on the brink.

Mood: manic
Drinking: coffee, fresh brewed for the first time in weeks!
Listening To: buddy buddy upstairs loping around in his morning routine
Hair: mussed, but not so much that I can’t just throw on a hat and go

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