The Lonely End of the Rink

I stayed up half the night last night. Couldn’t sleep. I think it’s because I had a glass of Coke. The caffeine in pop must be wicked! I mean I can drink coffee like it’s water, coffee never keeps me up. But pop seems to these days. It’s not like I’m a big soft drink person anymore. I bought all this pop on sale before Christmas in case I had people in, and I’m just trying to get rid of it still. Not much left now, thankfully. Next Christmas maybe I’ll leave people to fend for themselves . . .

Lots of dreams last night. Too many to go over. Most of them dark and disturbing, no doubt brought on by the howling winds outside lashing snow against my window. We’re still under a blizzard warning. So March comes in like a lion, it should go out like a lamb, which hopefully will bode well for that first weekend in April when I’ve got WFNB events planned. I also need to start thinking about Frye soon. Need to book in if I’m going.

Today I’m doing laundry, dishes, and lots of other things, playing catch up from not feeling very well yesterday and Friday.

Mood: twisty
Drinking: nothing
Listening To: i remember nothing, joy division
Hair: lacking

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