I’m such a sap today. Tearing up a bit listening to tunes. I mean, it’s Kid Rock . . . Emotional I guess. Wanted to go downtown today, pick up a few things, but didn’t really feel up to it. Things will keep. So much to do here. And I’m not feeling very well. Wrapped up in Nick’s blanket in front of the computer nursing a hot cuppa. Chills. Legs aching, but feel better draped in warmth. So much to do today! Blah! And I can’t seem to get my head into the game, out of the clouds. Part of me says I shouldn’t fight it, just go lie down, this too will pass . . . the other part says get off your lazy butt and work through this! Time’s a-wasting! Verdict is still out on which part I’ll obey.

Mood: mentally/emotionally challenged
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: such a perfect day, velvet underground
Hair: stringy

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