Take a Chance on Me

I know, I know, ABBA in the morning, not everyone’s cuppa, but just fine for me thank you very much. Finished out the weekend on a pretty high note. Actually sat down and planned my week ahead. A few deadlines looming. I feel on-track. Of course, from past experience I know that one week I can feel okay and on schedule, then lose some time for one thing or take longer than anticipated on another and all of a sudden I find myself scrambling. Yeah, that’s how it goes . . . but not this time! This time, I am A-okay!

I’ve got one deadline on Friday, another on Sunday. The goal is to have it all done and put away by Friday morning. Yeah, both deadlines. I’m going up home Friday evening for dinner theatre at the Renous Rec. I’d like to come home again on Saturday maybe. There was some talk of having kids for a sleepover Saturday night, but I don’t know where that’s at or even if this is the “best” weekend to do something like that. There’s also the Oscars on Sunday evening to take into consideration. Will the annual gathering as Casa Keenan happen on schedule? Will the Pink Panther bobblehead come home to me where he belongs? All up in the air.

I watched a couple of movies on the weekend. Notably, Sweeney Todd and Alvin & the Chipmunks. Johnny Depp is really quite good! I know, he’s always good, right? But you know I was a little doubtful about the whole musical aspect, I didn’t know whether he could pull off the singing. I mean yeah I was aware he had a band and all that, but I dunno, I guess I wasn’t sold on the idea completely or something. Anyway, at the beginning the movie starts with the young man standing on the ship singing “No Place like London” and then Johnny steps into the frame with his part and with his first note all the hair raised on my arms and my skin went into goosebumps. I didn’t watch a very high quality copy, I’m starting to just watch whatever I can find as the countdown to Oscar begins in earnest. I can only imagine the effect of the big screen in the theatre though. Really cool!

I enjoyed The Chipmunks too, but in a different kind of way of course. Jason Lee was good, totally able to shed Earl and be Dave. The Chipmunks themselves were adorable of course, and there were some pretty funny parts. It was a fun relaxing way to spend 90 minutes or so.

Mood: content
Drinking: coffee, fresh ground, black
Listening To: goodbye yellow brick road, elton john
Hair: sort of longing for a colour change

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