Crash, Boom, Bang

Blogging and merlot, not a good combo 🙂 I went to bed fairly early last night, well before midnight. Around 2:30 I was awakened by the sound of screaming snowmobiles. They were circling the building for some reason, maybe trying to find a path down to the river, though it’s pretty much a sheer cliff here, straight drop, so they didn’t find anything and moved on. Still, the damage was done, I was wide awake. I watched the ending of the Edmonton/Vancouver hockey game. Lots of fights, made it semi-interesting. Then the Late, Late, Late Show came on . . . The Gods Must Be Crazy. Yeah. So I watched about 45 minutes to an hour of that and I roamed around the apartment in the dark, looking out the windows for signs of life, sipping water. I listened to buddy upstairs come home from clubbing. Alone. Had a girl up there yesterday for awhile. So it was after 5 this morning before I fell back to sleep, and then I lounged around in dreams until well after 10. I didn’t even turn on the tv to watch Corrie, despite having missed Wednesday night’s episode and most of Thursday’s and Friday as well.

Today I’m making some rice and chicken. And I think I’ll dip some strawberries. Yesterday’s spinach salad was a hit! Pretty darn tasty.

The problem with staying up all night and sleeping in late is that I feel tired all day and the day is too short to do all of the things I had hoped.

Mood: dozy
Drinking: cold coffee
Listening To: every rose has its thorn, poison
Hair: needed some grooming

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