Half ‘n Half

My dreams are gonna be the death of me. The past week has been nuts. Really nuts. I wake every few minutes thinking surely it’s time to get up now, after I’ve just had a super long dream. I look at the clock and can’t believe it’s only 5 or 10 minutes since the last time I looked. If I’m really lucky 20 minutes will have gone by. I mean who gets into dream sleep so quickly!? Most of the time I’m in some half ‘n half state, still here, but also there. It makes for one freaking long exhausting night I tell you. I lie there singing, “The night’s too long, it just drags on and on, and then there’s never enough, that’s when the sun starts coming up . . .”

My dreams are all over the place. Some make me laugh, others make me sad, some are puzzling, and some frustrate the crap out of me. Luckily none have been too frightening. It’s exhausting just having the dreams, but having nightmares on top of it would be too much. So I’ve been feeling a little out of it, a tad foggy in the brain. Still getting stuff done though.

Going up home this weekend. Spend some time with the pooch, maybe play some guitar warz, see the kids, watch a movie, get away from the computer and everyday life. Haven’t been up since Christmas and it could be awhile before I can take time again. Lots on the go! Lots of new things coming into my life on all fronts–work, personal, and creatively. So far 2008 is a proving to be a pretty fantastic year for Kellie!

Mood: a little worn and worse for wear
Drinking: oj and instant coffee, cuz i’m too lazy to clean out the coffee maker
Listening To: No Love Lost, Joy Division
Hair: seeking professional help

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