All You Need is Love

Having a crazy full moon week. Not very frigging productive, I gotta say. Dr Phil celebrity guest starred in one of last night’s dreams. Just when I needed him! It was an odd sort of dream. I had been chosen to participate in some sort of an intelligence contest, like an IQ thing. Sherry had also been chosen from our school, along with about four other kids. We were whisked away to someplace way up the Howard Road to be sequestered until the competition. Dr. Phil seemed to not like me much. His favourite was clearly the little girl with the blonde hair. I was very near disqualified for doing something not just so, but since the little girl with the blonde hair had committed the same faux pas, he couldn’t very well kick me out and keep her in. So we went to the school gymnasium to begin this competition and I waited for the rules to be explained to me, but somehow I wasn’t told what I was supposed to do. A display of playing cards and designer bags was put in front of us and everyone immediately went to work solving the puzzle. I had no clue! And I was pretty pissed about it, complaining to Dr. Phil, who just smiled smugly and said, “How’s that working for ya?” I could see Mom in the crowd, cheering us on, mouthing at me to step up and do something. The others were shifting cards and grabbing purses, opening them to find prizes inside. Sherry had jewelry, some of the boys had collected gift cards from Rogers Video, and the little blonde haired girl had a rhinestone tiara and cash totaling over a hundred dollars. I was flabbergasted, so angry that nobody would tell me how to play this game, what the rules were. Then I woke up, thankfully.

The rest of the night was spent running around downtown Toronto trying to escape from two Vietnamese hitmen. The dream lasted for hours and hours, through multiple wakings. Through movie theatres and restaurants, on the PATH, on the street, in highrise buildings. I had a little dog with me, a little brown fuzzy that I could carry in my arms. It was exhausting trying to get out of the Eaton Centre and out of the downtown. I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to lose these guys. Finally I ran down the stairs into the subway at Queen, the train was just coming in heading south. I thought for a split second that maybe I could get on, get to union, grab a train. I could hear footsteps running down the steps. Instead of getting on the train, I hid in a garbage bin. The men ran down just as the train pulled out and they radioed their accomplices that I was on my way south, probably to union. Then they got on the next train to union, and I emerged from the garbage bin and headed north to Bloor.

This is the kind of weird stuff the full moon does to me.

Mood: sleepy
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: End of the Innocence, Bruce Hornsby
Hair: neglected and forgotten

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