Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Have I mentioned how much I am loving October Road? Love, love, love, that show! Just watched the latest episode at lunchtime.

So yesterday was my first day off detox and I had cereal and bread and coffee and a big ole glass of red wine when I went to my monthly BnM production meeting. The wine went immediately to my head and I felt a little tipsy. That was at 3:30ish yesterday afternoon. This morning I felt like I had a hangover. I still kind of feel like I have a lingering hangover headache. Bizarre! Perhaps I introduced too much too soon. I don’t know.

Up early for a Saturday morning (7ish) and went straight to work. BnM is possessing every moment of my time these days. I’ve already done two interviews today, written a two-page report of yesterday’s meeting, walked nearly 5000 steps, watched an hour of television, prepared two meals, connected with a half dozen contributors about various things, and the list goes on. I am focused. Driven. Determined. And out of here for now!

Mood: confident
Drinking: water
Listening To: buddy loping around upstairs
Hair: not on my radar today

2 thoughts on “Paradise by the Dashboard Light

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  1. Love, love, LOVE October Road!!! Think I missed an episode over the holidays tho…cause there’s been no mention of him getting stranded in the old car and her pushing him home? That was the last episode I saw before the “cupcake kid” LOL.


  2. Nope, according to my research you didn’t miss an episode. I think they just blew right past that. I’ve been noticing that in a couple of shows. Things seem to be overlooked or way-laid for the time being or something.


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