Rocking the OJ!

And so ends my foray into the world of detox. SIGH. Don’t I feel better now? This morning I had some multi-grain Cheerios and skim milk with my banana/strawberry fruit breakfast staple. And the best part! The absolute freaking best part! . . . I HAD COFFEE! Italian, fair trade, organic, ground myself, only one cup, black. Life is beautiful! I didn’t actually know how to make one cup so I ended up making more like two cups, but so as to resist the temptation to have a second cup, I immediately made a mental note of how much to make the next time and dumped the excess down the drain. I am a good girl. I’m also rocking some 100% natural orange juice this morning. Another habit I will continue and bring forward from this detox.

I weighed in this morning and was pleasantly surprised. I hadn’t weighed in when I started this a week ago, but I had weighed sometime right before Christmas and was horrified to see the number. I know I put on even more weight after that and throughout the holidays. So I can only guestimate but I know that I lost at least 10 pounds over the last 7 days, perhaps even 15 or more. I am now right back to where I was when I was religiously following SparkPeople, which makes me feel good inside and out!

But the weight is totally bottom of the totem pole in comparison to all the other benefits like increased energy, better sleep, more mentally alert, etc.

So I did detox and it was a little difficult the first few days, but then it smoothed out, and I highly recommend it to anyone who just wants to get their head clear and gain some focus. For me that has been a critical part. A fog lifted off my brain and I just feel all around lighter and clear. I definitely will do this again, perhaps in six months time at the beginning of June. Great way to start the summer! And I mean it’s only 7 days. A person can do anything for 7 days.

So in case you want to try this at home, here it is:

General Instructions for the 7-Day Brown Rice Detox:

Sometimes our digestive organs need a break from the many aggravating and toxic foods we put into them. Cleansing our body and digestive tract allows us to function better and to absorb nutrients more efficiently, thus making our bodies stronger and healthier. This diet will give you the nutrition you need while your body cleanses and heals itself. You do not have to go hungry and you do not have to watch your calories, weigh food, or pay attention to the food selection. You can eat whenever you are hungry and as often as you like. Eat until you feel full but not engorged. It is better to have several small meals rather than 3 large ones. Do not drink with your meals as this will dilute your stomach acid and enzymes needed to properly digest your food. Wait about 10-15 minutes before or after eating to have a drink. We suggest you do the cleanse at least twice per year.

What can you eat?

Brown Rice – rinse the rice before cooking, three times or until the water runs clear, add onions, herbs or spices during the last 15-20 minutes of cooking time if you desire.

Vegetables – All kinds of fresh whole vegetables can be eaten (no mushrooms though). Make sure to wash them really well in a solution of water and vinegar (1 part vinegar for every 4 parts water). Vegetables can be eaten raw, steamed or baked. No frozen, canned or jarred vegetables should be eaten, fresh only. Onions are particularly good for cleansing.

Fruits – All kinds of fresh whole fruits may be eaten (no dried fruits). Make sure to wash them very well in the vinegar/water solution. Eat raw fruit only.

Condiments – Fresh garlic, gingerroot, olive oil, lemon, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, oregano, any herb or spice that is a single herb without any salt seasoning.

Beverages – Filtered, distilled or spring water (drink lots and lots of water!), naturally decaf herbal teas, vegetable and fruit juices either freshly made or if they are purchased make sure they are 100% pure juice. Dilute juice half and half with water. Remember to wait 10-15 minutes before and after eating to have a drink.

Other foods – lentils, rice cakes, sesame seeds, chicken, fish, hummus, and tofu.

No shellfish (shrimp, oysters, scallops, clams, lobsters), no caffeine and no alcohol.

What to expect!

Day 1-3 you will be very hungry.

Day 2-3 you may experience headaches, fatigue, aches and pains. This is your body cleansing of toxins. Please do not take any medication or have coffee/tea/cola to suppress the symptoms.

Day 3-4 an increase in energy and decrease in appetite and cravings.

By the end of the week you will see an improvement in skin, digestive problems and mental focus. Pain will be decreased and you will have an overall great sense of well being.

Please come off the cleanse gradually. You will find you are very sensitive to sugar, alcohol, caffeinated beverages, large meals and medications after finishing the cleanse.

Mood: chipper
Drinking: oj
Listening To: the phone ringing in at stacy’s house, wakey wakey!
Hair: definitely needing me to either go nuts with the razor again or seek professional help

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