Walk Idiot Walk

Only today and tomorrow for detox and I’m done. Feeling pretty good today as well, though I slept in a bit later than 5:30 this morning. It’s the fog. Hard to motivate in the grey. I have a theory that optimum sleep for me means 5-7 hours, any less or more and I’m dead knackering myself for the coming day. I will not shake the drowse without drugs. Too much sleep last night. Having a hard time shaking it off. But other than a case of the sleepies, I’m feeling well.

Yesterday was a busy day. Lots of work happening. Spent over an hour on the phone doing an interview. Have 2-3 calls to do today, an interview to pop out for this evening, another telephone interview tomorrow. The columns are starting to flow in so there’s lots of editing. Another pub meeting on Friday afternoon. The online version is nagging at the back of my brain, but I know I have to focus on print. I really really really want to put it to bed by the 18th deadline. I’m supposed to go to Fredericton on the 19th. It’ll be difficult to take the time if things aren’t finished.

I walked downtown yesterday on slippery water over ice sidewalks. The King George Hwy needs some frigging TLC for walkers. Honest to God, it’s terrible! The Barnettville Road is less treacherous, no sidewalks and all. I went to Jean Coutu and bought a couple of wall calendars. They’re all on sale at half price this week. I got one with angels. The other I hung in my kitchen (where I always put the sark calendar). It’s Happy Bunny. For January he’s thrown his hands up and declared, “Whatever, you moron.” Cracks me up every time I walk by. I went to Sobeys and picked up some chicken and strawberries. But the best score of the day was going to post office and getting my parcel from Amazon with two dvds — The Wind that Shakes the Barley and Catch & Release. Very different genres, featuring boys I love to love, Cillian Murphy and Timothy Olyphant, throw in some bonus Kevin Smith, and I’m even able to ignore the fact that Jennifer Garner is the main star. (She’s just too sweet to be real, don’t ya think?) I also got “A Woman’s Agenda 2008 celebrating movers & shakers.” I needed something to bring my total up in order to be eligible for the free shipping, couldn’t think of any more dvds (though I have since thought of lots) so I went looking in books, found this, and thought I’d try it out. It’s kinda fabulous!

Oh well, it’s a half hour since I drank anything, time to eat something.

Mood: confident
Drinking: nothing, food time
Listening To: virgin radio xtreme (alternative)
Hair: on the back burner for now

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