Out of Tune

Okay, I think I have a few minutes before I am whisked away to M5 (Mighty Miramichi Monday Morning Meeting for those not in the know). I am on Day 4 of a 7 day brown rice detox program. The first three days were frigging hell, let me tell you! I had a constant migraine and stomach cramps, leg pains, felt like I was freezing. And worst of all I was unable to medicate!! I’ve just been grinning and bearing it, or actually, going to bed and assuming the fetal. The headache I think I can blame on the lack of caffeine. Other ailments might have little to do with detox and could be related to my cycle (as could the headache partly), arthritis, flu, etc. Certainly my bowels are a tad upset by the sudden addition of all this fruit in my life. Now I get why my niece can’t eat all the fruit she wants! But today so far I’m feeling not too shabby. There is a hint of a headache but it hasn’t come to light yet. There is the hint of cramps but nothing concrete yet. I’m not feeling tired at all. I have energy. So things are looking up.

In other news, I haven’t hit 10,000 steps in the past week but I am tracking the numbers. They’re written right on my wall calendar in the office/living/dining room available at a glance for all the world to see. There is no doubt that I do make more of an effort to move when I’m wearing the pedometer than when I’m not. I think I’m averaging about 4500 steps a day this first week. But it’s been a bitch of a week really, so I’m not at all discouraged. My high was 7140 on Saturday. Yesterday I dropped back a bit to 5703. Today could be tough as I’m going to the office. It’s been difficult anyway because I’ve been chained to my PC trying to get back control of the situation since the crash.

The writing front suffers severely of course. Last week I only wrote creatively 2 days on Tuesday and Thursday, eeking out a meagre 236 words on a story from a prompt that is probably never going anywhere and about another 400 words on a kids story from prompts the kids gave me. Not too exciting there. No play work at all. So, I need to pay more attention to that part of my life and not let it fall through the cracks as it so often does.

And that’s all for now. I need to get ready to leave.

Mood: okay
Drinking: vanilla rooibos herbal tea
Listening To: those strange sounds below
Hair: damp and air drying

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