Well here we are, that time again. A brand new year. Yesterday I took stock. Today I lay down the new tracks, define my focus for 2008. This year my goals are for my wellness. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. And I think I’ve narrowed things down, got to the heart of the matter. There are three key areas to wellness–mind, body and spirit.

Thinking about my mind I could have gone in several different directions, into learning and growth, but for me it all kept coming back to peace of mind, quieting the mind. And when I started to think of ways that I gain peace of mind, the list was huge, keep on top of bnm work, keep on top of housework, keep on top of . . . well everything in my life. When I’m not on top of it, I lose my peace of mind. There’s a pattern there.

The body part of my wellness was more obvious and quite easily figured out once I decided which area needed my attention most, but when it came to spirit again I could have went in any number of directions from religion to meditation and many other tangents. So I started thinking about my spirit, about the times when I’ve felt most centred and connected with the universe and the direction very soon revealed itself to me.

Without further fanfare, here are the things I will do in 2008:

I will not put off to tomorrow what I can do today. In 2008, my comfortable old friend “procrastination” becomes my worst enemy and I will see to his demise. Everyday I will do it now, whatever it happens to be. Everyday I will do the thing I least like to do, first, whether it’s the dishes or making phone calls or working in my least favourite computer program. If I don’t like to do it, I will do it first. If it needs doing, I will do it now.

I will wear my pedometer everyday and consistently reach for a goal of 10,000 steps. I will track my progress. I will keep records. By the end of 2008 I will be able to look back at my records and determine exactly how many days I succeeded and how many I let fall by the wayside. I will be able to accurately determine my success rate. I will post those numbers here when I take stock at the end of the year.

With or without the support of a writing group, in 2008 I will write fiction. I will create characters and plots and settings and dramas. I will hear strange voices in my head and capture their dialogue. I will write a stage play by spring. I will complete a novel by year’s end. I will create consistently, producing new drafts every week. I will take the time to nourish my spirit. I will value my creativity and make room in my life for it to grow.

In the past I’ve had some very practical point-blank goals about things like paying bills and attending special events, but I think if we look after ourselves, if we pay attention to our wellness, then all the practical things we want to achieve will flow outward from our balanced centre. Unlike past years, this year I also challenged Stacy to write wellness goals for 2008 and post them on her blog. And now, I challenge you. Take some time to think about your wellness, to really think about your mind, body and spirit, to reflect on peace and harmony and happiness in your soul. It’s a brand new day, a brand new year, and anything can happen but you set the tone, you lay out the course, you determine the direction. Maybe you want to think about that and write your own wellness goals for yourself in 2008. Maybe you’ll even share them on your blog.

Mood: energized
Drinking: coffee (still the last before detox)
Listening To: my mind, body and spirit
Hair: needing a shampoo

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