Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I spent a quiet evening at home last night watching movies. It was blissful! I watched No Country for Old Men and Atonement.

Why is it that a lot of the award contenders this year seem particularly violent? Like Eastern Promises, very violent.

I enjoyed both the movies, though I kind of had a Sopranos moment at No Country’s fade to black. I hadn’t really been listening to what Tommy Lee Jones was saying, my mind had wandered, so I feel I should watch the ending again sometime.

I cried after Atonement, but not a lot, it didn’t wrench the guts right out of me or anything. I watched it second and by the end it was nearly midnight so then I was like, “Oh great, now I’m all sad and weepy just as the calendar flips.”

So I went to bed and watched the last few skits with the Royal Canadian Air Farce’s New Year’s special, so I was laughing again by the time the countdown started and then sweet Suzie McNeil sang Auld Lang Syne and all was well in the world.

The first Austin Powers movie came on directly after and I watched the first 15 minutes or so before I started to drop off.

So all in all I brought in the year with giggles, smiles and a feeling of contentment. They say whatever you’re doing as you bring in the year you will continue to do throughout the coming year (thus my horror at having tears and sadness) so if there’s any truth to it then certainly I’ll take giggles, smiles and a feeling of contentment any freaking day!

Happy 2008!

Mood: cheerful
Drinking: coffee (the last before detox!)
Listening To: hey hey, my my, neil young
Hair: growing again

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