Month: January 2008

Half ‘n Half

My dreams are gonna be the death of me. The past week has been nuts. Really nuts. I wake every few minutes thinking surely it’s time to get up now, after I’ve just had a super long dream. I look at the clock and can’t believe it’s only […]

Latest Headlines

Yesterday I broke down and vacuumed. I actually don’t mind vacuuming, it’s sweeping that every strand of my DNA opposes. The only reason I don’t vacuum more often (like every second day) is because I only have carpet in the bedrooms and it likely scratches my floor more […]

Uptown Girl

Parts of the internet seem slow and unwieldy today, mostly related to email but I’ve noticed a few websites I frequently visit have disappeared altogether in the overnight. Not sure what’s going on. Had a pretty good day yesterday. Got over 10,000 steps, wrote almost 250 words on […]

All You Need is Love

Having a crazy full moon week. Not very frigging productive, I gotta say. Dr Phil celebrity guest starred in one of last night’s dreams. Just when I needed him! It was an odd sort of dream. I had been chosen to participate in some sort of an intelligence […]


Saw a deer on the road, somewhere around McNamee. He came over the bank and looked like he was about to cross. Judy tooted the horn to scare him off in the face of oncoming traffic. In springtime at the club I would look out the window and […]

Road Trip

Heading to Fredville in the a.m. for official WFNB business. Had planned to leave today, wine all night, but plans snowed out. Oh well, hopefully in the morning travel will be easier. Moonlight overhead now. Fluffy clouds in shadow. Steady stream of traffic crossing the bridges. Snowmobiles breaking […]


Every once in awhile I remember that morning. I’m not sure why. Maybe the memory is triggered by a smell or a light, a temperature or a sound. Maybe it only happens when I’m hungry or sleepy or both. All I know is that every now and again […]

Mapping the Muse

Did I mention I watched some good movies on the weekend? Saturday was pretty much a full work day, but Saturday evening and the better part of Sunday I took some time off to nourish my soul and chill with some flicks. I finally watched 3:10 to Yuma, […]


Yes, I love Sunday. Anybody who follows my blog knows that, I say it almost every week. Being in Sunday is like being born on the cusp in astrology. It’s a weekly identity crises of not quite knowing where you belong. Is it the beginning of the week? […]

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Have I mentioned how much I am loving October Road? Love, love, love, that show! Just watched the latest episode at lunchtime. So yesterday was my first day off detox and I had cereal and bread and coffee and a big ole glass of red wine when I […]