Achy Again

Awake since 5am though I tried to continue sleeping until 6:30, should have just gotten up. I’m in an achy season again. There seems to be an excess of moisture in the air or something. Pain makes me tired. I self-medicate. IOW (my own shorthand for In Other Words) I drink. And this is the drinking season too, so that can get excessive. One glass of wine can easily turn into two this time of year. And as I saw on the weekend two glasses quickly becomes two bottles. So I’m kind of in constant pain. There is no isolated spot, it’s an all-over achy weariness. Even in sleep I’m in pain. Last night’s series of dreams involved me being tortured. I’m not sure what information was being sought of me or why these people wanted to bend me to their will, but I found myself repeatedly being strapped into machines for various painful exercises. Chained into a chair with my arms dangling loosely by my side. Suddenly my wrists are enclosed in steel cuffs and the chair begins to rise. Lying on my back on a concrete slab, the man with the welders goggles begins to drill slowly into my knee cap. And so it went, from dream to dream, all night long. That is the sleep of one who is in pain. This morning I don’t feel like going to any of the soirees I have been invited to this afternoon/evening. Perhaps I’ll shake it off as the day progresses.

Mood: tired, sore
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: still haven’t found what i’m looking for, u2
Hair: uncombed

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