Right Next to the Right One

Yeah, I’m listening to Celine. Go figure. Well, here we are, heading into insanity. No turning back now. This evening Stacy and I went grocery and liquor store shopping, then back to my place for a way late supper and wrapping gifts for the family we’ve sponsored at work. Tomorrow morning we’re going to deliver them. Tomorrow night me and Stace had thought maybe we’d exchange our gifts but now I think we’re going to hold off until next week. After the holiday rush. Something for later. Friday the crush begins in earnest for me. I’m going to the office to work. We’re going to knock off early and dig into a bottle of wine or two, the bulging beer fridge, enjoy some spirits. Then me and Stacy head off to Barnbonia for the Tea House staff party, followed directly by a road trip to the rip roaring rapids for a house party. I’ll stay all night at the folks, return to town on Saturday, where I’ll try to make sure everything is prepped for a longer stay upriver. Take care of the last minute shopping and housework, etc. It’s possible I’ll be nursing a hangover. With any luck I will be completely recovered and relaxed by Sunday’s big adventure with CMC, definitely lunch, maybe a ball game, who knows what else? Anything is possible. Conversation lasting into the wee hours, fits of giggles, holding hands . . . I have a good feeling about this one. But a new adventure is always exciting. Monday I pack up and leave for a couple of days at the folks. I am now leaning toward making the jerk chicken nachos for the xmas eve festivities, purchased some fixings this evening including the frigging Maple Leaf Prime boneless skinless chicken breasts! That’s some damn fine chicken! It’s funny, at the store all I wanted to buy was stuff that needed no prep, like pudding and microwave dinners, you know quick stuff, open the package shove the food in your mouth. I don’t know why I always fall out of love with food this time of year. I crave nothing. I’m ho-hum about everything. It’s weird. I’m doing a 7-day toxin cleanse after the holidays, maybe that’ll bring some spunk back into my taste buds. No caffeine. No alcohol. No chemicals. Nothing unnatural. Should be interesting. Need to spend the couple of days I’m in Barnbonia visiting. Then back home on Boxing Day, where life should return to normal unless people visit me, which I’m hoping some will. No plans for New Year’s Eve yet. I may bring it in on my own terms. I’m due, I think. We’ll see if anything more interesting presents itself. And so ends this eve’s ramble.

Mood: sleepy now
Drinking: california cabernet sauvignon
Listening To: harvest moon, neil young
Hair: messy

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