This is the Sound

I am loving the Foo Fighters. Big time. It’s like I put on the iTunes random shuffle and I go off to do dishes or whatever and then I’ll hear this song I don’t recognize but totally love so I look to see who it is and it’s Foo Fighters, every freaking time! I just got a bunch of their stuff the other day.

Today I want to decorate for Christmas. I never wanted to decorate in Sackville. I never even wanted to hang pictures. I only did it (and after I’d already been there a year) because other people seemed to think it was odd to have bare walls. But here I’m all about the Christmas! I want lights! And a tree!

I peppered a steak with numerous spices and put it in the over to slow-cook for supper. The smell!! Oh my God! It’s fabulous. It begs for some pasta and marinara, a nice glass of wine. I have the pasta part anyway. Maybe I can make something happen.

Mood: pretty good
Drinking: water
Listening To: i don’t feel like dancing (remix), scissor sisters
Hair: still short ‘n sassy

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