Snowy Walk

It snowed. White stuff on the ground. Just a layer, but still. Winter. Finally. Last night I went for a walk after I got home from work. I walked down the Old King George Hwy almost to French Fort Cove (to the last house, I worry about bears closer to the cove). I love when the temperature goes below zero. It’s difficult to describe how it feels, but last night racing along the pavement my legs felt fantastic, like I could walk forever, like a perfectly oiled machine. No pain, but even more than an absence of pain, like an injection of . . . youth? Joints swinging, no catching. No shin splints, no muscles pulling double duty. Pure perfection. Is this the way walking feels to other people all the time? And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love winter! It’s the only time of the year when I get to be completely normal.

When I walk the Old hwy I plug in both ear buds and get lost in my head with the music. Normally there aren’t many or even any people around, I only cross two streets, sidewalk all the way, so I feel okay not necessarily having a grip on all the sounds around me. When I walk around the neighborhood, or on the hwy, downtown, etc. I leave one ear open so I don’t accidentally step out in front of a car or people passing on the street don’t sneak up on me and so on.

Anyway, last night just as I was getting back, passing the Co-op, I thought I could hear the train, and it seemed like it was too early for the train, so I was wondering if it was just trucks or if it was later than I thought (wanted to get home in time to watch Corrie) Lost deep in thought, slowing down on the sidewalk to see if I could see anything, Michael Buble crooning in my ears, and this young guy in a long coat, hood up, hands thrust into pocket, steps around me on the inside. Scared the freaking crap out of me! I screamed. I may even have pushed him. Which scared the freaking crap out of him! So he screamed. And then I saw it was just a geeky kid, probably going to the store or someplace, maybe one of the FatKat boys. So I apologized. And he hightailed it down the road and I barely made it home from doubling over, laughing so hard. It was freaking hilarious. Poor guy. I feel bad for him. I bet he thinks twice about passing anyone on the street again.

Mood: giggling
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: eyes of a stranger, queensryche
Hair: a constant puzzlement

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