Seven on Sunday

Another meme. Just because. This is one that you’re supposed to do every Sunday. Same questions every week. It’s to help you pause and reflect on the important stuff. Had I known I was going to do this today maybe I would have went out more, or paid better attention. Anyway, here goes.

Seven things you’re grateful for:
1. my fantastic family
2. my wonderful workplace
3. my natural knack for words
4. my harmonious health
5. my amazing apartment
6. my fabulous friends
7. life so far

Seven meaningful events from the past week:
1. mighty monday is always meaningful
2. immediately recognizing my phobias as being nothing but when they kicked in full-force this week
3. having the ability to talk sense to myself to push past the phobias despite major discomfort
4. having the ability to hang onto my positive attitude in the face of many little challenges that would normally rattle my cage big time
Hmm, it would seem that it’s difficult to have meaningful events when you stay in all week feeling a bit sickly and anti-social. Maybe more will come to me later.

Seven upcoming events on your horizon:
1. a third and possibly fourth date this week
2. a mighty tuesday complete with cake and smoothies
3. publishing bnm online on wednesday
4. a bnm gathering of staff and contributors on saturday
5. interviewing an interesting young miramichier this week
6. finishing the print editorial for december this week
7. possibly an overnight to freddy middle of next week

Seven things that made you happy last week:
1. coronation street
2. red wine
3. kevin smith
4. dutch cookies
5. J/A/S/O/N/
6. sweet chili sauce
7. phone calls that made me smile

Seven steps of progress you made toward a goal:
1. i went through submissions and planned the next 3 online issues of bnm
2. i emailed contributors new deadline info
3. i outlined the dec print page line-up
4. i edited many stories for the dec print edition
5. i wrote stories for the dec print edition
6. i set up final interviews for the dec print edition
7. i made contacts and laid groundwork for feb print edition

Seven acts of kindness this week you observed:
gosh! it’s hard to see kindness when you never leave the house! and this week i REALLY stayed inside.
1. jen went out of her way to take me on an errand run

Seven acts of kindness you performed:
1. i printed out stuff for sher and left it on my door for her to pick-up
2. i remembered to give gas money!
3. i accepted people’s submissions, edited and gave critical feedback
4. i agreed to proof a book
5. i made time in my deadline raged schedule to spend with a friend
6. i said hello to guy on bicycle even tho he was pissing me off (lol, i know, i’m grasping at straws here)
okay, so i need to get out more, do more kind things.

Mood: reflective
Drinking: coffee, a new kind, not sure i’m loving it
Listening To: say it right, nelly furtado
Hair: ponied for housework

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  1. Very nice post! Not much going on this sunday, except my normal routine of teaching sunday school. Stop by my blog of you can!

    Have a great weekend!



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