Whatever Gets You Through the Day

Haven’t been myself this week. I need to go outside. I’m too much inside my head . . . again! So I’m heading downtown this afternoon for some shopping. I want bacon. In particular I want a BLT sandwich. Yeah. I think I need to take care of that little craving.

It was very cold here last night. I kept the thermostat at 21-22 in my bedroom and closed the door to keep the heat in, so it was okay in there, but now my head is plugged solid from the electric heat. Crazy sinuses. I should go to PharmaSave and see if they have any netipots. OR I can just buy something spicy to eat. Some of that sweet pepper sauce I love with crispy chicken. Or something jerked. That’ll clear things up, bust my sinuses loose.

The front rooms are very cold. They get that way when there’s no sun. The sun makes a huge difference here. Anyway . . .

In keeping with yesterday’s meme trend. Here’s an offensive six for Saturday.

1. Which of the following two would you find more offensive if you saw it out in the open in a family restaurant: two men holding hands or a woman breast-feeding a child? Why?

Neither of these things would offend me in the slightest.

2. Which of the following would you find more offensive if you heard someone say it: a blond joke or a racial joke? Why?

Definitely a racial joke. The dumb blonde doesn’t really exist. I mean, yeah, there are dumb blondes, but there are dumb brunettes and red heads too. The whole dumb blonde thing was created in the media by blondes themselves. But a racial joke is a whole other thing entirely.

3. Which of these would you generally consider more offensive: An atheist who badmouths Christians, or a Christian who badmouths atheists? Why?

It’s equally offensive. I’m offended by people badmouthing others in general. It’s okay to have different views. It’s okay to debate those different views. But calling someone down just because they have a different view is not okay. And it’s not even that I’m offended so much by these people, I just don’t want to be around them.

4. Which of the following ideas about a presidential hopeful would you find more offensive: that a woman shouldn’t run for president because a woman doesn’t belong in the White House, or that a black man shouldn’t run for president because a black man doesn’t belong in the White House? Why?

Again, how could a person even choose the most offensive thing here, they’re both atrocious.

5. Which of the following political terms or movements would you find the most offensive: “Pro-Life” or “Defense of Marriage”? Why?

I’m not sure what Defense of Marriage is exactly, but I’m thinking it’s probably an anti-gay movement. And if so, I think I’d be more offended by them. I’m not comfortable with any ultra-conservative movements. And I do think that some sects of pro-life can be too radical, but I also think the abortion issue is a very grey area. It’s not so easy to come down solidly on one side or another because there are so many things to consider. When is the fetus an actual kid? What are the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy? But the whole gay marriage thing is totally black/white to me. Gay couples should have exactly the same rights as hetero couples. Period.

6. Which of the following forms of protest are you likely to find most offensive: an animal rights group’s members shedding clothes to encourage people not to buy fur, or a war protest group’s members burning the American flag to criticize war policy? Why?

Neither offends me. Get naked! Burn those flags! Throwing acid on people, burning books, those things offend me.

Mood: full of wonder
Drinking: nothing
Listening To: beautiful day, u2
Hair: i keep looking at in the mirror, studying the possibilities . . . soon

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  1. Good Saturday post!

    I have a nice saturday planned out! I have a full body massage, followed by manicure pedicure! After wards I am having dinner downstair at the Italian Gardens! It a small family restaurant, and I drink a glass of wine as they get my to go order ready!

    Have a great weekend! Stop by my blog if you can!


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