Don’t Stop Believin’

Sometimes I feel like taking the midnight train to anywhere . . . but not today! It’s too damn cold! I think. My apartment is kinda chilly. I think I need to crank up the oven, cook a roast or something. I’m distracted by Journey in the background. Street lights, people . . . ok, not much time, need to focus. I’m a little fuzzy around the edges (ok, A LOT!)

Low tide this morning brought a lot of crap out from high waters upriver. A lot of trees, some other things like plastic barrels and other garbage. There was even a fishing boat out there, which is rare these days as all the docks have been pulled back, everybody’s ready for winter. Anyway, I took some pictures before it got too bad.

Here you can see some crap on the water, but it got way worse about 10 minutes later right at the height of low tide.

This is the view outside my front picture window. Kinda cool, huh? I like it, it’s a constant source of inspiration for me. Just makes me happy and grounded, you know.

So here you can see some more junk coming down on the tide, there’s some sort of plastic barrel and some branches and things.

The view looking toward Chatham, you can see the outline of the Centennial Bridge in the distance. It was a kind of blue/grey misty morning. Another storm coming, not as bad as Noel.

This is my living/dining room. The whole front wall is pretty much two big windows. I work in a corner by the littlest window. I like eating in front of the big window. At night the lights on the water are lovely.

Mood: a little weird
Drinking: coffee (INSTANT!! shh, don’t tell anyone, don’t want to ruin my “coffee snob” rep)
Listening To: how to save a life, the fray
Hair: ponied for life

2 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Believin’

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  1. So you have a camera now! Cool! Expect many more pics in the future. Can you even imagine living in your little Sackville loft now?


  2. It’s the Mighty camera! There are some perks to losing a sister-in-bnm. LOL Now I get to take pics for stories I do. Which is long overdue.


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