Oh What a Life

My list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. And I cross off more and more every day. And it just gets bigger again. So much to do. So precious little time. I’m played out. Doing interviews, editing, doing websites, publishing, doing admin . . . there is absolutely no time for health or housework. None. I mean ZERO! No time to go for a walk. No time to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner. No time to sweep, take the garbage out, do dishes, clean the bathroom . . . Though I did manage to get some laundry done and to actually get myself showered. I just need to not even turn the computer on tomorrow morning. Just focus on the basics. Kids are arriving after 2pm for a sleepover. I like to spend time with them. I don’t mind them coming. It’ll be fun. But right now, I’m soooo not ready. Then I may have a date Saturday night. (Yes! Another one so soon!) It was supposed to be Sunday, but I’ve got to work on Sunday, have an interview with someone who can only meet me then. So really, all I got is tomorrow morning to get my shit together for a busy weekend. Then right into Mighty Monday, which is always hectic and next week is my deadline. Yeah, I’m taking tomorrow off to get my household ducks in a row. I need to.

In last night’s dream I was a cop, like a detective. I think with CSIS. I was investigating a terrorist cell and having an affair with my very adorable partner. Kinda Saving Grace of me. We were in Montreal. I could speak French! And a bunch of other languages too. There was a guy, in robes, long hair, a holy man like a modern day Jesus (hah! Jesus of Montreal!) and his following was almost cult-like. They had a bunch of warehouses that we had warrants to search. But when we got there, they were empty. Just this Jesus-like guy sitting on the floor, meditating, in the middle of this huge empty warehouse. It was weird.

These are my dreams. All the time. I don’t always tell you. But I always have them. My mother thinks we’re genetically flawed in some way . . . or cursed.

Mood: tired
Drinking: water
Listening To: come together, the beatles
Hair: in the royal blue head band

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