Month: November 2007

And That’s A Wrap

Finally, the girl can breathe, just a smidgen. Finally, she can go put her feet up and let the swelling go down. Finally, she can take the sleepy sinus meds and slip away for many hours. Finally! I’m so relieved. I finished the writing on Dec today. All […]

This is the Sound

I am loving the Foo Fighters. Big time. It’s like I put on the iTunes random shuffle and I go off to do dishes or whatever and then I’ll hear this song I don’t recognize but totally love so I look to see who it is and it’s […]

Knowing Me, Knowing You

Went to dinner theatre at the Rodd last night for the Mighty Christmas party. Had a great time! It was frigging hilarious because we were front and centre so many at our table had interaction with the actors, who stay in character throughout the evening. One of the […]

The River is Wild

My mighty river is freezing in. Yesterday I thought I saw ice near the shore in Chatham Head, but I couldn’t be certain. Today there is no doubt. Ice floes throughout. Have the ducks all gone where they’re going yet? This week every morning there have been hundreds […]

The Razor’s Edge

Have I mentioned that I took it upon myself to do away with almost a whole head of hair? Yeah. Chopped it off. Razored throughout. Who knows why I do these things? I’ve never gone this far before. When I turn 40 I’m going to have a mid-life […]

Git ‘er Done!

I stayed up pretty late last night, until about 3:30 or so. I took my last dose of sinus meds around 5:30 but still it didn’t seem to help as far as sleepy went. I had lots of work to do anyway. I watched An Evening with Kevin […]

Merry Happy

Oh boy, how could I have forgotten how lovely non-drowsy sinus meds are?! I’ve been in agony for weeks, months even, and all I needed to do was go buy some drugs. Sheesh! I had not intended to buy a non-drowsy formula. Because my goal was to get […]

BodySnatchers & Stuff

Speaking of remakes of movies . . . What if a filmmaker decided to remake you? Your life? Would you be cool with that? And while they were the new improved you, who would you be? . . . Speaking of remaking . . . Would you rather […]

A Day

I’m skipping Mighty Monday because I’m sick. Been feeling a little off since last week. But really started to get bad on Saturday, worse yesterday, still lingers today. Sore throat, major headache and sinus clogging, achy all over. Blah! Oh well. It seems that some (or one) of […]