Rock ‘n Roll

The Internet is slow this morning. But I am not! I slept well last night. Might have been exhaustion, perhaps all the wine, but I was out and down for the count. I had my alarm set for 7 this morning, but I woke up at 5 feeling refreshed (if thirsty) so I watched the first half hour of a repeat of last night’s The Hour with my boyfriend and then I got up, got dressed in my sweats, the Fundy green warm and fuzzy coat, a ball cap, pedometer, and mp3 player plugged into my head and then I hit the street for a walk. In particular I wanted to know how long the loop up the highway to the lights, down the hill by the dry cleaners, around the corner past the motel, up the hill by the legion and back down the highway to home too. It’s about 20 minutes. Not bad. I could probably stretch it out to 30 if I did the side street crisscross.

I was going to make ham and eggs for breakfast but once I got back and got coffee into me really all I wanted was some rice cakes with peanut butter. So, that’s what I’m doing. Maybe later I’ll have a bigger more protein filled second breakfast. I’m going out around 9:30 to do an interview. I might wander into the Farmer’s market. I have Sears parcels to exchange at some point but I’ll have to make an extra trip for that. Tonight there’s a book launch downtown. I might go. But that would be four walks in one day! Hold on! Is it possible I’m becoming an active person? 🙂

Mood: thinking about showering
Drinking: coffee and water
Listening To: two guys for every girl, peaches
Hair: ponied up

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