Let Me Out

Seriously enjoying Nathan Wiley’s CD. Seriously.

So today was a weird kinda day. Foggy. Damp. Which seemed to make me foggy and . . . well, you know. Kidding. Maybe.

But seriously, it was a good day. Productive. I’m glad to be able to stay home tomorrow and work because Thursday and Friday are going to be freaking incredibly nuts. Working on some stories. The schedule goes off the hook come Thursday morn. Actually tomorrow evening it begins. Fun stuff though. Exciting stuff. Good stuff. It’ll certainly be interesting.

I drank way too much Navan tonight. I think I have a vanilla infused headache coming on. Time for some water. One minute I was just warming up. Having something sweet after dinner. The next I’m a little whacked. I think that’s more potent stuff than the usual glass of red.

Anyway, I’m out of the car and flagging down the peeps with the jumper cables. Lets see where this takes me.

Mood: dizzy
Drinking: water
Listening To: 1979. smashing pumpkins
Hair: headbanded again

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