Just a Note

Yesterday I got over 10,000 steps, most in a crazy wind/rain storm that ripped out my ponytail and saw me jogging in a “OMG Please don’t lightning! Please don’t hail!” panic for several minutes. I bet it was kind of funny, in a third person observatory type of way. Looking back at the last 7 days (stored in my pedometer) I’m definitely doing better than in previous weeks. The thing is I LOVE this walking shit! Like seriously, I could go all night. I need to start leaving earlier so I’m not on the sidewalkless highway in the dark. It feels really good to get out to get breathing and moving, to take that much time and just chill and listen to the tunes. Soon I will start losing weight. It’s bound to happen. I don’t think one can do 6000+ aerobic steps every day and not slim down some. Even if I am still not back into the SparkPeople routine and watching my calories.

More good news! My favourite co-worker/techy guy was able to salvage all the necessaries from my toasted hard drive! Yay!! Yes, I lose lots of stuff still, but it’s not important stuff, it’s stuff I can live without or get again. No biggie. Whew! When you prepare for these types of disasters in advance they can be almost painless. I’m still on the loner laptop but he’s supposed to drop off my new system later this morning. He also upped my memory. Lottsa gigs going on now, baby!

Last night I dreamed about school. One of my fellow BHS Class of ’87 alum had fallen quite ill so people were rallying at the school to raise money. It was a weird and tiring dream. You wouldn’t believe who was teaching shop even if I told you! But who has time to fill you in on all the details anyway? Not I! Time is slipping away and I’ve tons to get done. Ciao!

Mood: excellent spirits
Drinking: coffee, black
Listening To: my refrigerator generator kicking out
Hair: pulled back off my face

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