Dry Spell Ends

You’ve been waiting patiently for a post I suppose. I mean what happened in Fredericton? How close did I get to Matt Mays? What’s new in my love life? (Did you even know I HAD a love life?!) How is work going? What am I doing for Thanksgiving? Do I have any new extracurricular activities? So many burning questions! And so little time to discuss.

The bad news is that I blew up another hard drive. Yeah . . . did my getting really super aggravated and angry for a couple of days cause my PC to die? OR (and this is the theory I’m pulling for) did my energy sense my PC’s terminal illness and react in violent anger? That is the question. No matter. It’s dead. Gone. Funeral today. High noon. Mighty parking lot. Costumed freaks only. Charlie Chaplain to officiate. The devil will make an appearance.

The good news is that I’m finally, finally, finally coming out of the funk that began this summer when I lived in Barnettville (cell memory induced methinks) and has continued through cooler autumn weather when I normally depress anyway. This morning I woke at 5:58 . . . ON MY OWN! No alarm. I’m back, baby! I attribute this to my recent pedometer and mp3 player purchases and my comittment to 10,000 daily steps. I’ve been walking. Yes, I have! Cranking those tunes and taking off anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes every day. The pedometer is a great motivator. I have it on my person at all times. It even accompanied me to the Matt Mays concert, which was a good thing because I got over 3,000 steps after midnight that night! That’s some serious counting I would not have wanted to miss.

And I’ve been putting words to paper again. Scribbling notes on one of the two plays that have been wandering around my head for years now. This being brought on by the absence of a computer in my day yesterday, and not a whole lot of housework needing to be done. How else is a girl supposed to put in the day? There’s only writing or reading left after computer and housework are extracted . . . and when I need to stay at home for drop-in drop-off pick-up delivery stuff.

Anyway, spirits are high today. And now I am Frank and Frank must go.

Mood: silly
Drinking: coffee, black, fair trade, organic, Guatemalan, medium roast
Listening To: just the hum of the computer
Hair: perhaps to be black before the end of the day, ponied, having reached critical thickness on Monday

Categories: balance, energy, plays, walking, writing

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  1. Write the play….write the play….write the play! I love the outline you told me yesterday and you know…..I happen to know this theatre group….


  2. Hey you conveniently left out the part about your love life.What’s up with that,lol.
    Congrats on getting 10,000 steps daily.I don’t think I could do it.


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