Wicked Come Winter

It’s 7am on the Mighty Miramichi and I’ve been up for hours already. Big day. Have to get ready to leave Dodge for the weekend. Going to Freddy to see a tall dark haired lanky boy who will sing to me. I’m almost excited by that description. F-U-N! But lots to do before I get that far. LOTS!

Meeting a friend this morning for breakfast. That should be fun. Haven’t seen each other in awhile, lots to catch up on.

I have discovered some hearing loss in my right ear. I can tell using the ear buds on my mp3 player. It’s weird. I totally think I never recovered from Nazareth a couple years ago. I think that’s when it happened. Damn! I mean for Jon Bon I’d sacrifice hearing, for The Rolling Stones, even Foreigner a few years back . . . but Nazareth? I wasn’t even supposed to be at that concert 😦 It was a fluke. And now I have hearing loss. Oh well, the price one pays I suppose.

Last evening I went out of the house and off down the road for a walk. I’ve been meaning to do this every morning and night since I got my pedometer (cuz as I’ve previously explained, getting 10,000 steps without going outside is pretty damn difficult) but as always life gets in the way. Not so yesterday. I plugged in my portable sounds and took off on the Old King George Highway toward French Fort Cove. It was nearly dark, very windy, had just rained and was threatening to rain again. I didn’t do a loop around the cove because it was too dark and scary by the time I got there, so I just turned and came back. The great thing about the tunes was that I didn’t want to stop. I could have kept going all night. When I got back to my building I slowed for a second, then shot right past, opting to do another lap around the block. Why not? I was out and feeling good. Even with a good 40 minute aerobic walk I was short on my 10,000 steps yesterday. It’s hard! I cannot stress that enough. You really need to make an effort. And this week has been challenging in the effort department with migraines and what not.

Tonight, I’m looking forward to the treadmill at Mom’s. With my walk out to breakfast this morning and access to a treadmill tonight, I should be laughing at 10,000 steps.

My left earbud doesn’t seem to want to stay in my ear, doesn’t seem to fit properly or something. The right one is fine, just the left I’m having probs with. Of course the left is also the one I have the best hearing in, so it’s kinda crucial to the whole music experience. Maybe I need to buy a different set? I dunno.

Anyway, that’s my 20 minutes of rambling for today. I’m off to make stuff happen!

Mood: productive
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: nuttin hunnee
Hair: i still don’t want to talk about it

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  1. Now me, I’m different, I will only listen to the music in one cause I’m scared of a car or something coming up behind me out of the blue and that I won’t hear it. LOL. No sidewalks on our road. 🙂

    I’m actually thinking of leaving in a little while to go for a walk myself. My first time since being home alone. Let’s see if I can make it a habit.


  2. Yeah, I mean obviously I have to be diligent about looking around when crossing the street and so on, but otherwise I think I’m ok with two in on the sidewalk. I mean if a car’s going to hit me while I’m on the sidewalk, buddy’s having an accident anyway and will hit me no matter what methinks. With hearing loss and an ill-fitting bud, wearing one doesn’t feasible, lol. But yeah, in Barnbonia one might want to be way more alert to crazy drivers 🙂


  3. Funny…I just blogged about a tall lanky man singing to me this weekend too. I’m getting very excited to see him again! We will have such a good time! He is my hon afterall!!


  4. Ok. So I just got back from my walk. This time I thought I would try wearing two ear buds. I mean I walk facing the traffic so I thought I’d be ok. Obviously helps one to get more into the music wearing two buds. Really enjoying it…almost home…wanting Cheaptrick to want me…when the front end of a truck slowly, silently pulls up beside me. Scared the shit right out of me! I think I literally jumped. It was a middle aged couple looking for the fishing camp down the road. LOL.


  5. Oh, and the “I wasn’t even supposed to be . . . ” bit is a play off the whole Clerks “I’m not even supposed to be here thing.” Trying to be funny, hun.


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