Oh Brother

I so hope Danielle doesn’t win BB8. Is anyone with me on that? Do other people like her? I cannot stand her whining childishness. She has grated on my last nerve since the beginning. She’s like a bad young lad. I like Dick less as the show progresses, I liked him more in the beginning. It’s the gloating as it gets down to the end that is turning me off. I didn’t mind the attacks all along, that was entertaining and interesting game strategy, but I just can’t stand poor winners. And I just feel sorry for poor Zack. At this point I’d sooner see ED win it, with Zack second or even vice versa. The idea of Dani winning the whole thing makes me want to puke. Thoughts? Anyone watching?

Going to Fredericton on Friday to see Matt Mays perform at Harvest Jazz Blues Festival. I can’t get excited about it, too much to do to get there. I’ve even been thinking about giving my ticket away and staying home.

Mood: achy
Drinking: coffee
Listening To:Kings of Leon – Molly’s Chambers
Hair: don’t ask

3 thoughts on “Oh Brother

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  1. Totally with you on the Danielle thing…can’t stand her! Dick, I enjoyed up until this last week or so. It’s the “how dare they betray me” thing that turns me off. I mean they were just about to betray Zack, so….just don’t like it. Very poor losers and winners, if you ask me. Never thought I would say this, but go Zack!


  2. Excuse me? Thinking of giving my ticket away and staying home? WTF? Were you going to share that information with me anytime soon since I am the person supposed to be going with you? Were you planning on sending me alone? Explain yourself misses!!!!!


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