The Killer in Me

I got my new pedometer and it is awesome!! Yes, I got the one from Walking Spree. I had my eye on it for awhile, so when I put out the call on my blog for pedometer advice and Andrea came back with the one I wanted, I knew it was a sign that I should just commit to the investment, get serious about 10,000 steps a day, and get the pedometer I really wanted.

I mean I’ve been frigging around with so many crappy pedometers . . . it’s so annoying to get steps just by shifting in your seat or sneezing. You go sit in a meeting and come out two hours later with hundreds of steps that never happened. Not good!

I’ve only had this one for less than a day but I am already thrilled. It measures my steps very accurately. I can chair-dance to my iTunes without registering false steps. I don’t need to clip the thing onto my pants, I can put it in my pocket or carry it in my purse and it still calculates my steps with amazing accuracy. It’s like magic! It also keeps track of my steps from days gone by so I can look back and see how I’m progressing. It’s got a clock and automatically goes to a new day starting at 0 steps at midnight. A touch of a button and I can see how many aerobic steps I’ve done, how many calories I’ve burned, or how many miles I’ve walked. Ever wonder how many miles you put on in the run of a day? I’ll no longer be wondering, I’m gonna know for sure. I’m super psyched about this gadget, can you tell?

Yes, I like gadgets. I’m a gadget kinda girl. It’s a good thing I don’t have more money to spend on gadgets cuz I’d have the house full of stuff.

Back to the pedometer. I just got the pedometer, I didn’t order a program. I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to do something you can do it just as well on your own as you can spending a whole lot of money to join a club to do it with someone else. If you’re not going to do it, you’re not going to do it, if you are, you will, period. That’s why so many people shell out money to join diet clubs and gyms and then never go. If they were serious about health and exercise they could have done it at home, spending the bucks to join the club doesn’t mean you’re really invested. Not that I’m knocking Jenny Craig or gyms. They’re great! But what I’m saying is even though they’re great, they can’t do all the work for us. And they’re not going to have any effect upon people who haven’t made up their minds to manage their weight or get fit. And someone who has made up his or her mind to manage their weight and get fit can do that just as well on their own.

So, it’s all on me. It’s up to me. Do I want to get serious? Or what? No time like the present.

I didn’t order a program but I can always upgrade later. You know, if I find myself wanting more, there are lots of options available to me. I can connect the pedometer to my computer and upload information to the website, which is kinda cool, if I want to go that route. They’ve got coaches I can work with. I can join walking clubs. Etc. For now, I’m just taking one day at a time, 10,000 steps a day being the goal. We’ll see where that takes me. Already it took me around and around the living room so many times I’m sure the neighbours below are wondering what the hell I’m doing. Later today, it will take me outside and off on the road.

Yesterday I went for a pretty big errand run, of course, I didn’t have the pedometer yet, so nothing was tracked but today my thighs and buttocks are registering their surprise at yesterday’s unexpected activity. I’m a little sore.

I went to the post office, sent some mail, and picked up my parcel (which was the pedometer!). Then I went to Scotia Bank for some banking. And then I headed off to Home Hardware, which was a bit farther on foot than I had imagined, but it’s all good. I got some hooks to hang my lamp finally and I also got some chemical free dryer sheets that last at least 500 loads. I wanted a dryer ball, but these are good too. No more Bounce and dangerous film of chemicals in my dryer for me! Yay! After Home Hardware I walked back to Sobey’s where I picked up a Chicken Dinner (3 pieces and taters) in the deli (which was the BEST I’ve ever had from Sobeys and lately anywhere, I have to say, fresh out of the fryer, not the healthiest choice I know, but I had a craving), a dozen whole wheat hamburger rolls from the bakery, an apple, two ears of corn, two sweet potatoes, a family pack of lean ground beef, a family pack of steak, a big bottle of relish, a bottle of instant espresso, and a package of energy saving light bulbs. Then I carried all that stuff up the hill and home. My arms were rubber when I got back. My face was beet red. I was wiggly as the children would say. My left arm is also a little sore today. Guess it had the heavier load.

Anyway, so far so good.

Mood: energized
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