For Reasons Unknown

Last night I watched a couple of movies. First I watched the latest in the Die Hard series, Live Free or Die Hard. I’ve been curious about it because normally I’m not into the whole series and sequel thing (well, except for Bourne and Clerks) but the Die Hard series started back in 1988, there’s a lot of history there. To have one come out now, after all these years, well, it’s a curious thing. Same thing with the latest Rocky, though I haven’t watched it yet, I know I will eventually. And when Stallone’s new Rambo comes out hopefully by Christmas, then I’ll be plunking down a ten to go see that sucker in the theatre.

Anyway back to Die Hard.

When it opened in theatres earlier this summer I honestly had no urge to go see it. But then it did pretty good box office, which doesn’t mean much, just that a lot of people went to see it. But then I started to hear some really good stuff about it. And yes, granted most of the good feedback was coming from Kevin Smith (who is in the movie) and his friends via Smodcast and his blog, but still, if he was in the movie and it sucked they’re the types to say it sucked, or at least to not say anything at all. But all summer it’s been coming up in their conversation as one of the great summer movies. So I was curious.

Last night I’m flicking through looking for something to watch and I came across it, so I hit play just to see the quality, whether it looked any good or not, and the opening credits are rolling while I’m deciding and then Timothy Olyphant’s name rolls up and that was that! Any doubts instantly vanished and I settled in to watch the movie. I love, love, love Timothy Olyphant! If you’re not watching Deadwood, you need to stop everything and go find an episode right now. I’m not kidding. I don’t care if you don’t like westerns, neither do I . . . until now.

Live Free or Die Hard is a really good watch. Lots of action. Great stunts and special effects. Engaging storyline. Bruce Willis is still believable as a major action star (unlike Nicolas Cage who really seemed to be way too old to be Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider) John McClane is as rough around the edges and sarcastic as he was way back when. So, if you’ve been on the fence or not even interested, give this one a chance. I had forgotten how much i enjoyed the original Die Hard. This is, in my opinion, as good as the first and better than the second and third parts.

After all that action I wanted to unwind with something lighter, so I went looking for a good comedy. I came across Fun with Dick and Jane, which I had never seen. Tea Leoni can be pretty funny. I prefer Jim Carrey in his more dramatic roles like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but of course he can also be very funny, he practically invented funny. I did have a few laugh out loud moments, but even though it came out a few years ago I had still seen most of the really good laughs in the previews which kinda ruins the movie. (How come they don’t ever hold something back?) Still, it wasn’t all bad, for that kind of a movie it’s worth a watching one time, don’t rush out and buy the dvd or anything, but if it’s on cable, why not?

After the movies I was feeling pretty zonked so I went to bed. I put in this free dvd I got in a box of Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn this week. It has pilot episodes of four shows: Heroes, The Office, Miami Vice and Friday Night Lights plus a couple of extra features. I started to watch Friday Night Lights because I’ve never seen or really heard much about that show. It’s interesting looking, gritty and real, but it couldn’t hold me through the sleepies I’m afraid. So I shut it off half-way through and crashed. I really liked the look of it though. I’ll give it another go sometime.

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