Month: September 2007

Just a Note

Yesterday I got over 10,000 steps, most in a crazy wind/rain storm that ripped out my ponytail and saw me jogging in a “OMG Please don’t lightning! Please don’t hail!” panic for several minutes. I bet it was kind of funny, in a third person observatory type of […]

Dry Spell Ends

You’ve been waiting patiently for a post I suppose. I mean what happened in Fredericton? How close did I get to Matt Mays? What’s new in my love life? (Did you even know I HAD a love life?!) How is work going? What am I doing for Thanksgiving? […]

Wicked Come Winter

It’s 7am on the Mighty Miramichi and I’ve been up for hours already. Big day. Have to get ready to leave Dodge for the weekend. Going to Freddy to see a tall dark haired lanky boy who will sing to me. I’m almost excited by that description. F-U-N! […]

Oh Brother

I so hope Danielle doesn’t win BB8. Is anyone with me on that? Do other people like her? I cannot stand her whining childishness. She has grated on my last nerve since the beginning. She’s like a bad young lad. I like Dick less as the show progresses, […]

Best/Worst Day

I love Sunday. I hate Sunday. I love waking up Sunday morning, rolling over one eye open to snatch the remote and click on Coronation Street so I catch up on the week’s events as I slowly come to full consciousness. I love rushing to the kitchen during […]

The World is a Vampire

Yesterday was an eye-opener. I knew I was sedentary, but I had no idea just how bad an average day can be. I’m in front of the computer a lot. It’s my job. I write. I read. That’s what I do. All day, everyday. So, try to incorporate […]

The Killer in Me

I got my new pedometer and it is awesome!! Yes, I got the one from Walking Spree. I had my eye on it for awhile, so when I put out the call on my blog for pedometer advice and Andrea came back with the one I wanted, I […]

These Dreams

And the dreams continue. Gawd! It’s hard to get any real rest when everyone you’ve ever met in your life and many you haven’t decide to drop into the middle of your brain and share their deepest most meaningful stories. Bah! In one of the numerous dreams from […]

For Reasons Unknown

Last night I watched a couple of movies. First I watched the latest in the Die Hard series, Live Free or Die Hard. I’ve been curious about it because normally I’m not into the whole series and sequel thing (well, except for Bourne and Clerks) but the Die […]