On Any Given Day

I went shopping last nite. Word to the wise: Do not go shopping when you’re having a sweet tooth moment! All last week, every frigging day, I craved ice cream, chocolate bars, and multi-grain Tostitoes. And every day last week I refrained from going out to the Petro and indulging my craving. I exercised extreme willpower. Which all went up in smoke last night. Why is everything bad on sale? Or even worse, two for one? I won’t list everything I bought, but suffice it to say I am without groceries, totally broke, and reduced to eating peanut M&Ms for supper . . . okay, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but damn close! lol The good news is I got lots and lots of coffee! And I even got the fair trade stuff I really like but have only ever seen at Co-Op. Yay!

Despite my fall into the sugar pit, I’m feeling super fantastic! Finally, I’m able to harness some of this autumn energy in a good way generating ideas and excitement. Good stuff!

Of course, with a degraded diet and this yo-yo weather my arthritis is making itself known. But even that discomfort can’t dampen today’s high spirits. Am I on a sugar high? Hmm. Within the realm of possibility.

Exciting things afoot! Nothing I can talk about yet.

Mood: happy
Drinking: coffee, cheapo Compliments brand, regular grind, dark roast, black
Listening To: Goldfrapp – Beautiful
via FoxyTunes
Hair: looks pretty damn sweet in its new hat!

3 thoughts on “On Any Given Day

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  1. The hat is a silver grey black Oliver Twist type outfit. Very cool! And if you want all that, you better come soon cuz I have the fixings and I am devouring them! 🙂


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