Til We’re Not Strangers Anymore

Had a good day at the Mighty office yesterday. It’s always good to connect with everyone and spend time there. One can go a little crazy when one tries to function solo for too long. The mind can wander, invent scenarios, make you paranoid đŸ™‚ Mondays are hard for me because I never sleep on Sunday night, so I always feel out of sorts, a bit dull and dim, all fogged in come Monday morning, but hauling my ass for a Mighty fix always makes me feel better even if I always feel like the dumb dork in the corner. So I need to focus on the feeling better part and not procrastinate over the dumb dork part.

Late this afternoon I’m going shopping with my sister, Mom, and kids. Mom’s doing her back to work/school clothes shopping but I just want to go to the Sobey’s in Douglastown and pick up a few things. I have refrained from buying any groceries since I got back from Barnbonia, took a week to clean up on some stuff that’s been lingering in my cupboard and fridge for a long time. I defrosted some chili. I made honey bran muffins and ate some no-name brand noodles and sauce. Yeah, that kind of cleaning up. It’s mostly stuff my mother sends when she feels I am in need of groceries. She cleans out her cupboard of things they’re not really eating and sends it to me. Lots of cans of soup. There’s still lots in my cupboard and freezer to get rid of, but I’m done for now. Time to buy something new. I am hankering for some jerk chicken nachos and a bottle of wine!

Last night after work me and Stace went to the Bistro for drumstick squares! Yummy! But my piece was too big, it was too much, too sweet, I was a little dizzy and sickened by the end. I know, I know, why not just leave some on the plate and spare myself the agony? What can I say? When it comes to drumstick squares I have no self-control. At the same time that my body was saying one spoonful too many I was longing to pull a blame Renee’s and lick the plate clean. They’re just soooo good! I love them. And they are definitely different than the one’s mom makes. I think there’s peanut butter in the base on the bottom or something. There’s something different about it, it’s not just straight graham wafer crumbs. Anyway, got my fix for a bit at least. Now, I want to try and get one of the infamous homemade drumsticks they do at Park’s Dairy Bar before they close for the season. I’ve heard that’s something to experience. Must have one!

Been plagued by vivid dreams all week leading into tonight’s full moon. It’s exhausting. And it’s hard to wake up when the dreams are so real and interesting and fun. No nightmares, thank God. I don’t seem to have nightmares as much anymore. There was a time when everything I dreamed turned into a nightmare. Three and four bad dreams every night. Is it any wonder I was prone to insomnia? Life must be good. My dreams are creative now, still lucid, I’m still off to the side observing, but it’s like I’m writing, I’m making movies in my head. Fun stuff!

Mood: chipper
Drinking: coffee, black
Listening To: Bon Jovi – (You Want To) Make A Memory
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4 thoughts on “Til We’re Not Strangers Anymore

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  1. A drumstick square!!! So jealous!! lol
    I’m having weird dreams too! Maybe the moon is affecting me as well except the other night it did take one of those nasty turns for the worse and was a horrible nightmare! I mean I woke up in a sweat and fearful that it was some sort of sign and how could I warn these people that harm was coming there way…yeah that sort of nightmare. It really was bothersome.


  2. I have never had these famous drumstick squares. Maybe that should be our next girls nite? Are they expensive?

    Sadly, I haven’t gotten to go to Parks’ this year…not really fair to go and eat in front of the kids and I’m rarely in town without them. I’ve had their homemade drumstick in the past and it is dee-lish! Go & enjoy!


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