Moving Day

Over the past week I’ve been moving things around in the front rooms. Changing the lay-out, decluttering my money corner (and you thought i wasn’t paying attention i bet!) and just trying to generally get all my furniture into more functional positions. I’ve missed the futon! I’m not kidding. I really haven’t been using it much because the tv is in the bedroom and the futon just seemed to be in the middle of the other room all alone, only used for the occasional nap. So I moved my table and chairs into the living room in front of the big picture window. What a view! Moved the futon into the dining room where the table and chairs used to be. That was more functional and I immediately started using the futon, using the table and chairs, spending less time at the desk doing stuff like watching tv and eating, spending more time at the desk doing what I’m supposed to be doing like work and blogging and banking etc. But then there was the problem of the big empty living room versus the somewhat cramped and cluttered no longer dining room just strictly office. So today I moved the desk out of the money corner right by the window and into the opposite corner, so now I sit with my back to the window (which is less distracting, when I need to focus . . . hopefully) I took my white shelves into the living room and then I actually put up things on my wall! I hung pictures! And I’m liking the end result. Tons of floor space still, functional, even homey by times, F-U-N!! Come visit and see for yourself! I’ll make jerk chicken nachos and open a bottle of wine!

A friend of mine is featured in the National Post. We met at Rye High in the days of journalism, when my head was filled with silly dreams of being a foreign correspondent. His stuff is amazing, really cool! It still freaks me out that he does this. Who knew?! I got to get me one of those clocks!

Mood: joyful
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: mr. brightside, the killers
Hair: long and loose, slightly damp from recent laundering

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