Up early this morning. The kitty seems to know the mornings I want to be up early. On those days she climbs into bed with me and kneads my shoulders and neck. Purrs insistently in my face. Meows and paces under the bed until I rise. She was doing this every morning (and all night long) when I first arrived, but in the time since she’s taken to sleeping in the living room or lately in the spare room and mostly leaves me alone, except for those mornings when I need her as pesty alarm clock. Interesting, that.

I’m getting ready to leave. They might be back tonight, but definitely by tomorrow, so I’m washing the bedding, tidying up, making sure I don’t leave a mess or anything for Stacy to worry or bother with when she gets home. I’m sure she’s going to be exhausted after so many days away and so many of those spent on the back of a motorcycle. It will be nice if she can just go to bed and not have to bother with anything domestic. I haven’t fallen into my usual slothful ways. I loved having a dishwasher! Yes, if I had one I would definitely use it. Though there is something therapeutic about hands in soapy warm water too.

Anyway, today I’m going into town to get my Aliant account straightened out and drop off the bulk of my stuff at home. I just need a few things for the weekend at Mom’s, then Monday life returns to normal. Yay! Normal is good. There’s something to be said for routine and being surrounded by your own stuff. I miss my place, my kitchen such as it is, my bed, my windows, the river, the boats, the boy upstairs and the new neighbors below. I miss all the sirens and all the watching and wondering about the goings on in people’s lives around me. It’s good for my creativity. There hasn’t been much to speculate about here. I haven’t seen much of the neighbors. Yes, getting back to my routine will be good! I’m looking forward to it. Gotta run and catch the rinse cycle!

Mood: chipper
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: galaxy rock alternative
Hair: again with the headband

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