Month: August 2007

Mad World

In last night’s crazy ass dream I found myself at a big summer party. The kind with big canopy tents set up to shade tables covered with food and drinks. The kind with a band onstage in the centre. Perhaps a wedding, though nobody was dressed up. Nevertheless […]

We Get On

I’m having difficult sleeping. Getting to sleep. Staying asleep. Getting any rest with all the dreams swirling in my brain. Yes, there was a moon this week, not to mention a lunar eclipse, which we all know I’m highly influenced by. Still that’s not all that’s going on. […]

On Any Given Day

I went shopping last nite. Word to the wise: Do not go shopping when you’re having a sweet tooth moment! All last week, every frigging day, I craved ice cream, chocolate bars, and multi-grain Tostitoes. And every day last week I refrained from going out to the Petro […]

Til We’re Not Strangers Anymore

Had a good day at the Mighty office yesterday. It’s always good to connect with everyone and spend time there. One can go a little crazy when one tries to function solo for too long. The mind can wander, invent scenarios, make you paranoid 🙂 Mondays are hard […]

Something Else

Last night I dreamed I was back in high school, but not as a kid, I was all grown up. It was like my high school class were visiting the school or there for a presentation or something. But all the students were there too, class was in […]

Moving Day

Over the past week I’ve been moving things around in the front rooms. Changing the lay-out, decluttering my money corner (and you thought i wasn’t paying attention i bet!) and just trying to generally get all my furniture into more functional positions. I’ve missed the futon! I’m not […]

One Time . . .

In the early 90s when I lived in Toronto I was desperate to find work. There didn’t seem to be many jobs at that time, seems like the economy was in a recession or something, but maybe not. And maybe I wasn’t out of work all that long, […]

New Addictions

I am addicted to Wasa Multigrain Crispbread. They are fantabulous!! And I’m not even kidding. I had tried the Ryvita Dark Rye Crispbread before but found it lacking. I wasn’t that impressed. So then right before I took off to Barnbonia I had purchased the Wasa brand. Then […]

Hello Again

So last night I slept in my own bed for the first time in three weeks. Sunday night I slept on the futon, I was just too wired, stayed up too late, too restless . . . Anyway, last night with a frost warning in effect I put […]

The Surreal Life

Slept late, til just after 10. Last night some strange combination of complete exhaustion, Sunday Night Anxiety, joy and excitement at being home took hold and had me bouncing off the walls and ceilings until nearly 5am. A little knackered today, but trying to get on track, get […]