Return to Oz

Like the phoenix from the ashes . . . blah, blah, blah, lets not go cliche crazy. I’m alive, nuff said.

We’re in BnM production. Yes, again, so soon. June was late, August is almost kinda sorta early, which is to say, right on time. And I am all over October. I don’t know, could it be after a year of this, I’m getting into the groove? August was painless, no blood, very little sweat, zero tears. It doesn’t seem right. Of course, my house looks like a bomb went off and I’m completely off all my personal development stuff and I’m completely blowing off the half dozen guys chatting me up for dates and I’m working till 3am and sleeping in past 6am . . . oh god, it’s hot, eh? Sweltering like in my place. All I want to do is eat fruit and drink chilled wine and water. But the wine gives me an instant headache in this weather. So, I’m sucking back water.

I was really sick all last weekend. Dead knackered come Monday morning. Feeling much better heading into this weekend. My last home for a bit as I head upriver for family events and a bit of house/kitty sitting. Going to a bbq tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to it, think it will be fun. Heading to Kouchibouac on Saturday. Should be a good weekend. NO WORK!! Seriously, none. No computer only for fun stuff like watching Big Brother or the Sopranos or listening to tunes etc. It’s a NO WORK WEEKEND! For real. And I can! Because as I’ve already said, we’re on time.

Got tix to see Matt Mays at Harvest Jazz fest in Sept. He doesn’t come on til after midnite. Staying over at a b and b. Should be a lot of fun. An opportunity to wear my new shoes! Perhaps.

I feel like I’m all over the place here. Scattered. Brain is a bit fuzzed for sure. I watched the first season of Dirt from F/X with Courtenay Cox. LOVE IT!! Can’t wait for the second season! Watch this show! It’s good. Watched Evan Almighty. I actually liked it better than the original Bruce Almighty. I liked it a lot more than The 40-year-old Virgin. Maybe because I didn’t like either of those things so I had below zero expectations it made the movie easier to like . . . or something. Anyway, bic runga started to get into my head. Time to get myself into bed.

Mood: moodless
Drinking: water, both red and white wine earlier
Listening To: sway, bic runga
Hair: strands beginning to escape from this evening’s severe ponytail

One thought on “Return to Oz

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  1. No work weekend!!!! Enjoy!!!
    Not only Matt but new shoes too!! This trip only gets better and better!!! lol Can’t wait!!!
    You just gotta love Steve!! Have you gotten caught up on The Office? If not, you should. Last season was great. But I have to say one of my fave Steve moments was, “But I love the cookies!”


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