Self-Imposed Blogging Break

So I haven’t blogged all week, not since last Friday. I’m really busy with work and feeling a bit under the weather besides. But still here. Still around. Just taking a bit of a self-imposed blogging break.

This weekend I had wanted to go to the Irish Festival, take my nieces and nephew (if he was interested) but mostly my nieces who love music and dancing. I wanted to take them to see the Nelson Doyle Dancers in particular. I thought it would be really cool if we could all go, the whole family, including my parents. Because we are, after all, Irish, and the festival at the LBA during the day is really inexpensive at $6 a head and kids free, and I know everyone would really have a great time and enjoy themselves . . . once they got there. But everybody else had zero interest, and you can’t have fun if it’s like pulling teeth to get people to go, so that idea went out the window.

So then me and S were going to do our road trip to Kouchibouac this weekend instead. But then some stuff shifted and she wanted to switch to next weekend, which initially conflicted with the long-awaited much-anticipated Fundy trip . . . that got canceled this week. Yeah 😦 Honest to God, the only reason for me to ever get my driver’s license is so that I can frigging go to Alma whenever the hell I want. It’s the only time the thought ever crosses my mind. But there you go. Now, I’m free to go on the annual day trip with S next weekend. That’ll be fun. We always have a good time.

I really want to go camping this summer. I have nobody to go camping with though, so it’ll likely not happen. I really wanted to go camping last summer. Didn’t happen. I really need a friend who is single and doesn’t have children and likes to go places and do things. Making friends seems to be hard to do though. I make acquaintances easily enough, but those deep friendships . . . never easy.

So as I sit here this week watching my summer fall apart and knowing now that I won’t have the opportunity to do anything until the middle of August, I’ve started looking at the possibilities, opportunities for me i.e. places I can go on my own, alone. Sigh. Yeah, I can stay home for that one, I know, but a change of scenery is definitely in order this summer. I considered Shediac for a few minutes. Bus goes there. Touristy place. Beaches and all that. Or the Island . . . not big on the Island though, there’s touristy and then there’s TOURISTY . . . and the Island was too much so for my liking 20 years ago, I doubt it’s gotten anything but worse. NS doesn’t really appeal to me. I considered Grand Manan even. Bus will drop you at the ferry terminal. But somehow it just seems so pathetic to go do any of these places alone. They seem like couple or family places. No, an alone adventure needs to be different.

So, I’ve started thinking farther afield. I’ve always wanted to cross Canada on the train . . . I have a bunch of frequent traveler points I can cash in. There are organized tours in the Rockies via train. Even without organized tours. I am perfectly capable of crossing Canada on the train on my own. And you know, I don’t think I’d even want to do that with anybody else anyway. That’s the kind of trip that could destroy a friendship or other relationship. Think of the writing I’d do! Think of the things I’d observe and the people I’d meet! What kind of an adventure might that be?! Of course, this I can’t possibly afford as early as next month. But you know, if I saved my money, if I socked away my 10% regular-like, there’s no reason why I couldn’t do this next spring, summer or fall. I need to stop waiting for someone to do things with and just go do stuff. Maybe I’ll go to Moncton or Fredericton or Saint John or someplace for a weekend soon, just some time in a hotel, in a different city (it seems more okay to be alone on vacation in a city than at the ocean for some reason) some time away from myself and my pitiful little life. But set my sights on something bigger for next summer. Forget about everyone else, (I mean I hardly think I come into anyone else’s mind when they’re making summer plans) and just make my own plans, go on an adventure alone. Cross Canada on the train. Go on a writer’s retreat to Ireland. Take a women’s tour of Italy.

If this is my life (and after seven years, I gotta think this is indeed my life) then I just need to get on with it . . . that is all. We now return you to whatever it is you were doing, self-imposed blogging break to continue.

Mood: excited, and afraid
Drinking: coffee, black, organic, fair trade, dark roast, fresh ground
Listening To: sirens, there are many sirens in this town
Hair: surprisingly clean after a week of no poo

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  1. I am! I am! But totally can’t go to Italy unless I’m part of an escorted, supervised group. It’s not a good place for women to travel alone. And Rome is full of thieves . . . or so I’ve heard from those more fortunate who have gone.


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