Happy Friday! I’m scrambling to get as much done as I can before leaving to go to my parents. So I’m cleaning and editing and doing dishes and writing and taking out the trash and blogging and getting something to eat and uploading things to a website. Multi-tasking! Hell yeah! S and I are supposed to go shopping after work today. I’ll have to inquire about that later, see if we’re still on and for when so I can plan the rest of the day accordingly. If that’s not happening then I need to track down my sister or brother-in-law to catch a ride out of town. We’re going clothes shopping for something new and fresh for the weekend, which will be fun.

Tonight I have to go through some boxes at my mom’s, apparently I still have some stuff there, so I need to sort through and either toss or bring with me to my place.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be at the Blackville Park for the Whooper Festival’s Bread ‘n Molasses contest. I’ve got prizes! And I’ll be selling copies of the latest issue.

Tomorrow night I’m going to Nine Pine’s for a high school reunion. Anybody who went to BHS in the 80’s and 90’s can come, so that might be fun, especially if they’re going to play music from then. Are you coming? I hope so!

Sunday I’m back in town for the finale of the Rock ‘n Roll Festival. There’s the car show and kids stuff happening in the afternoon. I’ll have to check the schedule for full details. Last night’s fireworks were postponed until Sunday night on account of the rain so the plan is for everyone to gather at my place Sunday evening instead to see what we can see.

Kinda busy weekend. Wished the weather was more predictable it’s hard to know how to dress, what to wear, and most importantly what to pack. Oh well, adios amigos! Have a great weekend.

Mood: manic
Drinking: black tea, boiled, which will drive you crazy
Listening To: the dryer tumbling
Hair: pulled back in a red headband that matches my bright red peejays

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