So yesterday was like this crazy big day or something. I slept in a little until nearly 8 then had to rush around in my usual morning routine in order to get to the bank shortly after it opened at 10. I needed to deposit the rent before the landlord cashed the cheque. It took a little frigging, but mission accomplished!

Then I popped over to Sobey’s with my new enviro-bags and picked up some much needed fruits, veggies, yogurt and bread. Those enviro-bags are sturdy suckers! Nice! Because the bank took so long I was later coming back over the hill than I had anticipated and it was quite hot by that time so I arrived at my place dripping sweat and beet red in the face. I think some old ladies on the street thought I was about to collapse, the looks they were shooting me with!

I immediately ate a tomato/cucumber pumpernickel sandwich (yummy!) for lunch and then got REALLY sleepy. I should have just napped. I have to learn how to do the nap thing, make it work for me. So the afternoon passed in foggy email and work. I tried to write, but sleepy and writing just don’t mesh, I did good to edit. About 4pm I decided if I wasn’t going to wake up and accomplish any work I should just leave the desk, have an early supper and plan to attend the live music at the wharf.

So I had supper while watching the Tom Green show. I’m not really a fan of Tom Green but sometimes he has interesting guests and the one I was watching happened to be a scientist on all kinds of freaky stuff like ufos, lake monsters and (hide your eyes, stace) sasquatch. So it was a pretty good show, or the first half-hour I saw was at least.

After dinner I seemed to have shaken off the sleepys and got a new energy for work and writing so I decided to skip the music after all and listened from a distance through my open window as I pitched myself full-force into writing and editing. Along about 8pm I decided I needed a break, so even though my abs were killing me with soreness I launched into my exercises. I exercised for about an hour, listening to Ti-Blanc on the wharf sing Beatles and wail Jerry Lewis on his keyboard. It sounded like a pretty good show from where I was perched.

After I exercised I felt really good, so I decided to clean up the house some and then dye my hair. I finished everything by 11pm but still wasn’t sleepy (I had slept in yesterday morning if you remember) so I came back to the computer and writing and worked until a quarter to one. Eep! I’m not supposed to stay up that late anymore! Ooops! So I shut ‘er down and hightailed it to bed, but I was restless, so I thought I’d just read for a little bit, finish my chapter and then sleep.

At 1:30 am I shut off the light, and soon after drifted into a restless state of unconsciousness that may or may not have really been sleep. And then 3:30 came and buddy upstairs came home from the bar with the same girl he brought home a couple of weeks ago. Did I tell you about her? The screamer? Luckily he forgot to take his viagara or drank too much or something, so he wasn’t quite up to his former multiple performance and the whole thing was over in a measly five minutes. Or it should have been, at least. If the girl had just gone to sleep like he repeatedly coaxed her to do, but NO! She wanted to talk.


Oh boy! I feel for her, I really do . . . but maybe she should have thought about that before she came home with him a few weeks ago. He tried to diffuse the awkwardness of the situation by playfully pushing her out of the bed. No, I’m not kidding, he really did, her butt hit my ceiling and I expected to see her lying in bed beside me after the smoke cleared.


Maybe the boy’s a happy drunk cuz I know he’s got a string of eff-words of his own that he could have lobbed back at her as she worked herself up to tears. He’s got a set of lungs on him too, there used to be another girl who would quietly sit on the bed and take his tongue lashings. But at 4:30 this morning he was all sweetness, I imagined him rubbing her back as he soothed her hurt feelings with his playfulness and tried to kiss her back into bed to sleep. Bitch was having none of that!


And Avril Lavigne starts singing in my head, “Hey! Hey! You! You! I could be your girlfriend!” I wonder how old this sad little girl is.

There’s a bit of a row as she stomps around the room gathering her things, getting dressed, while he tries to ease her back into the bed without ever once addressing the issue of girlfriends. She storms to the front of the apartment and he stays in bed, goes to sleep, is snoring within minutes. I think she called a cab and left. Or else she slept on his couch. She was pretty quiet after that. But it was a quarter to five before the fracas died down. My alarm went off at six and I got up like I had slept a full night though. I’m clear headed, energized, and already productive. I’m kinda hoping that’s the last we’ve seen of the screamer, maybe the next girl will take him home instead. That would be nice.

Kids are coming to watch the fireworks with me this evening I think. Another big day looms. Loving it!

Mood: buoyant
Drinking: king cole, black
Listening To: sweet avenue, damien rice
Hair: a new shade of summer sweetness


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