weekend ends

I have returned from a couple of days at the folks, where I slept very late and went to bed very early and was super sleepy most of the time. Yeah, I guess I needed a rest. I’m feeling much more lively now. Of course! As I should be in bed already and gearing for a busy week. I attended the Blackville Canada Day Parade for the first time since . . . I honestly cannot remember when, likely sometime in the early to mid 90s. It was uneventful. Both my sisters’ families had their old cars in it though, so there were children to wave at and be excited to see. I bowed out of the annual family BBQ get-together thingy quite early with a raging headache (perhaps caused by balloons being bonked off my face . . .) and went home to down the last of my mother’s asa with a half bottle of Wolf Blass. I molested the carcass of a chicken and watched the last half hour of the concert for Diana, dancing with my favourite boy to Tiny Dancer blaring in the living room. Later, I would play chess, cards and rock paper scissors with three little monkeys climbing all over my chest and lap, shrieking and trying to escape red wine kisses. Definitely the high point of any day. All in all, a pretty good weekend. I returned in a downpour to 150 new email. Life continues as usual.

Mood: clear-headed
Drinking: water
Listening To: time of your life, matt mays
Hair: entering a week of scientific experiments

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